Our History

Trust the company with experience.

For more than five decades and three generations, Guy Gunter Home has been the purveyor of fine appliances and installer for Atlanta’s fashionable kitchens. We are the appliance store where people in Metro Atlanta go when they want upscale appliances for their home or business. In keeping with our tradition of being Atlanta’s innovative leader in the appliance market, we opened our Appliance Gallery. Nowhere in Atlanta will you find an appliance gallery quite like ours. Designed by forward thinking architect Mark Williams and visionary designer Matthew Quinn, our 5,000 sq. ft gallery showroom redefines the appliance shopping experience.

Guy's History

Born in 1918 to a world exhausted by war and into the tail end of hard economic times, Guy Gunter’s fruitful life has exemplified the Roaring Twenties that formed him. During World War II, Guy was a glider pilot, landing aircraft laden heavily with soldiers and equipment deep inside enemy territory, often in total darkness and on fateful missions such as D-Day. Twenty-six year old Guy Gunter returned home to his sweetheart Evelyn Teressa Davis, who had been waiting and worrying throughout the war. Guy did not even wait for his discharge from active service to marry her. Their happy marriage would last a half-Century. In 1946 Guy Gunter opened an electrical supply company. He sold the first ever ice-maker suitable for home use and introduced to the southeast many of the name brands that we take for granted today like Panasonic, Hitachi, Sub-Zero, Thermador, and U-line.

Guy decided early on that to succeed in business, you have to put on a good show. On a Chicago trip in 1965 he saw the brand new Lava Lite and placed an order for a hundred of them on the spot. Upon visiting a prospective appliance dealer, Guy would pull out a Lava Lite and plug it in. It would merely glow at first. The potential client would talk about refrigerators and ovens, and after ten minutes the now-heated wax blobs would start to move. Guy’s host always interrupted their negotiations to exclaim about the Lava Lite and ask how much it would cost to buy. The answer was always the same: Nobody retailed Lava Lites in the South unless they also became a dealer for appliances distributed by Guy Gunter Home.