About Us

More than a homelife, a life well lived.

Your home is more than just a shelter from the elements. It’s the place where you can find refuge from a fast paced, twenty-four-seven world. Home is where you find comfort, in the people and the passions you cherish. Whether you express creativity in the kitchen, tranquility in a spa bath or joy through outdoor entertainment, your home is where your passions live. Guy Gunter Home can help connect you with those passions… with the things that add quality to your life. We’ve been doing it for three generations. Our style of consulting is very personal (these are your passions after all). We believe you should feel as good about the process as you do about the beautiful products. That’s how we help you connect with more than a home life.

Our goal is to see you enjoy a life well lived.

Our sales process.

We put great value on hiring the most experienced people in the industry.Your exceptional sales experience at Guy Gunter Home has been built on three cornerstones of customer service:

Education: Our sales professionals have worked closely with the appliance brands in our portfolio and understand each brand’s unique strengths and specifications. This allows them to match the best kitchen appliances to your project and it also allows them to pass that knowledge onto you during the decision-making phase.

Listening: By asking the right questions about your space, budget and style, our sales professionals can better understand your project’s unique needs and help you find the best fit in less time.

Full-Service Completion: We believe that a quality shopping experience should be personal and seamless at every phase. Our sales and delivery team will answer any question you may have and to ensure a complete and tidy installation.

Our installation process.

Our courteous and neat installation team, led by Jon K. Chester, is ready to make your installation quick and easy. Our full-service installation includes:

  • Supplying spec sheets to all relative contactors
  • Verifying the placement of electrical, gas and water locations, if necessary
  • Partnering with cabinetmakers for adjustments and panel attachments
  • Working with the job supervisor to resolve any potential issues
  • Making further adjustment if required after appliance installation is complete
  • One-year installation

Our service.

We work with some of the most reputable service teams in Atlanta. Manufacturer approved service companies are for more likely to have the right part and make the repair correctly on the first visit. Just call us at 404-874-7529, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Our customer service includes:

  • Contacting service companies and arranging repairs.
  • Keeping an up to date list of the most reputable service providers around.
  • Maintaining relationships with manufacturers and service companies to bring you peace of mind.
  • Using a combination of our install team and service contacts to facilitate emergency service when necessary.