Flavor Profile: Fuyuhiko Ito


With more than 28 years of culinary experience in both traditional Japanese and classic French restaurants, Tokyo-born chef and partner Fuyuhiko Ito leads the culinary team at Umi, located in Atlanta’s bustling Buckhead neighborhood. Umi embraces Ito’s heritage along with his unwavering passion for high quality ingredients and offers a diverse menu with international influences and both classic and progressive approaches to Asian fare.


Ito graciously shared this salacious recipe with Guy Gunter Home this spring…


Black Cod Misoyaki


8-10 oz. black cod filet (1” thick)


Saikyou Miso Marinade (recipe below)


Saikyou Miso Marinade

2 cups sugar

 1 cup mirin

 2 cups sake (boiled and evaporate alcohol then chilled)

1 cup white miso Mix sugar, mirin and sake together until sugar is dissolved.

Chill the mixuture.

Once cooled, mix into miso using a food processor.


Lightly salt black cod. Let sit for 15 minutes to bring out juice and dehydrate slightly. Wash off the fish and dry with paper towel. Marinate fish in to Saikyou Miso Marinade for at least 2 days and up to 4 days. Take fish out from the marinade and broil both sides using a net over the sheet pan to drip excess oil. Broil until fish is golden brown (5-6 minutes per side). Fish will flake when it is well done. Carefully put fish on a plate and serve Saikyou Miso Marinade on the side. Squeeze lemon on fish, if desired. Serves two.




Photography by Matthew Wong. For more info check out mweats.com

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